Engineering offices

SEIRIS works collaboratively for the design of expansion joints used in their new factories/plants. We work side by side with engineeries specialized in


Energy : 

  • Thermal power plants :

– Coal Fired Power Plants
– Simple Cycle and Combined Cycle Gas Fired Power Plants
– Biomass fired Power Plants
– Waste to Energy Plants

  • Nuclear Power Plants 
  • Hydro Power Plants
Cement plants
Steel plants
Pulp & paper mills
Wood processing plants
Chemical & petrochemical plants
Sugar mills
Automotive manufacturing plants


[…] And interested in dealing with any kind of applications and equipments : 
Gas Turbines | Gas engines | Furnaces | Heat recovery systems | Heat exhangers | Pre Heaters | Flue gas treatment | Dryers | Cooling systems | Dedusting and desulphurization (FGD) | Fans | Electro static precipitators (ESP) | Filter bags | Scrubbers | Denox | Desox | By-Pass systems | Dampers | By-Pass stacks | Chimneys Lining …  














































































































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